SALTS is grateful for the donors who support the protection of open spaces, healthy watersheds and abundant wildlife; we cannot do it without you.

SALTS, a registered charity, was established to ensure that future generations will enjoy the many benefits derived from the landscapes that make us proud to be Albertan.

With your help, we can continue to preserve the open spaces that support clean water, wildlife, and thriving rural communities.

SALTS | Donate today to protect your land

SALTS | Donate today to protect your land

Now is the time to preserve the special places of Southern Alberta

Based on historic rates, “business as usual” will see much of the private land in our foothills developed over the next 50 years.

This is occurring through a continual process of subdivision, road and residential development, and conversion to non-grazing land uses. It will result in a further loss of iconic vistas, fresh water, wildlife, and the many working ranches that make up our foothills communities.

In the foothills and eastern slopes of southern Alberta 79% of the remaining native grasslands are on private land. Without protecting private land we cannot adequately protect southern Alberta’s wildlife habitat and watersheds.

Your gift to SALTS will go a long way.

SALTS can leverage your donations through provincial and federal conservation granting programs.

The federal Ecogift program also provides landowners with charitable receipts for the donation of easements on ecologically valuable land.

SALTS | Donate today to protect your land

This further leverages your dollars by reducing the cost to protect land.

SALTS’ goal is to protect a total of 25,000 acres by 2020 by adding an additional 8,000 acres to our current conservation easements.

SALTS | Donate today to protect your land

SALTS is grounded in Southern Alberta.

We are the largest Alberta based land trust. We focus exclusively on our foothills and grasslands.
Our Board includes of a number of Alberta based ranchers which is a requirement of our by-laws.
We work in collaboration with landowners, donors, all levels of government, and other environmental organizations.
We are focused on lands that are at risk of development and will do easements on both large and small properties.

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