SALTS is working hard to preserve southern Alberta’s most ecologically valuable private lands

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SALTS’ primary focus is working to place conservation easements on Alberta’s most ecologically valuable private lands. As of the end of 2016 SALTS had 38 conservation easements protecting over 17,000 acres in areas located from west of Sundre to the border of Waterton Lakes National Park. This number continues to grow each year.

SALTS also works to facilitate stewardship projects with our landowners to improve riparian and range health. In addition, we do outreach and education work to help Albertan’s understand the broad benefits that come from healthy landscapes.

Although most of our easements so far are in Alberta’s foothills, SALTS is committed to the conservation of native grasslands and riparian areas anywhere south of the Red Deer River and we are open to projects in south central and southeastern Alberta.

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SALTS’ rancher and community focus is unique and we pride ourselves on working collaboratively with landowners and others.

SALTS was started in 1998 by ranchers who believed that the existing stewards of the land were in the best position to help conserve the land. Since then we have grown to be the largest Alberta-based land trust in terms of total acres protected.

SALTS prides itself on working collaboratively with landowners, government, and other environmental organizations. By having a board of directors that includes a number of ranchers we strive to stay rooted in community and aware of the day to day challenges facing people who work on the land.

SALTS has a diverse and dedicated staff, board of directors, and membership.

SALTS has a staff of four who run the conservation projects and day to day operations. We also have a board of directors who oversee the organization. Our board is a diverse group of people with backgrounds in agriculture, science, law, business, and communications. They are also geographically diverse living in rural areas south of Longview, near Hillspring by Waterton Lakes National Park, and in the City of Calgary.

SALTS also has a number of dedicated members who include both our easement landowners as well as interested members of the community.

Would you like to become a member of SALTS and/or stay up to date on our activities?

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SALTS typically holds its Annual General Meeting in late March of each year. It has historically been held in High River but we are planning to move the meeting around to various communities in the future. In addition to the business of the AGM, we also often have speakers on topics relating to conservation and ranching.

Bear Safety Workshops

As a service to communities, SALTS has recently started coordinating bear safety workshops.

There is increasing awareness and concern about the number of grizzly bears and other large predators that are recolonizing their historic habitat in Alberta’s foothills.
Keep your eyes open for media or information about a workshop in your community.

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